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Join US with ya chakras!


€ 120

that's 8 euros a day!

Dive deep into the healing powers of unlocking your chakras by using ancient techniques.

chakra activation

Join us for our upcoming

Chakra Activation workshop

where I will share techniques on


how to open each of the 7  chakras individually and consciously


to allow a constant and uninterrupted flow of life force energy.

Together we will dive deep into the study of each chakra,


it's functions and influences and by activating them,


awaken kundalini shakti,


the serpent power.


All you need is 15 days of commited work with your inner energy centers and a silent space to practice.



This online workshop includes:


❈ Opening circle (Thursday 22.6. at 7.00 pm)

❈ 15 Days of live online classes & chakra activation techniques (7.00 - 7.45 CET)

❈ Access to a private online platform, where I will share videos, worksheets and many more

❈ Access to a community of chakra activators

❈ Exchange forum to discuss goals & challenges

Image by Neelam Sundaram

Commit to self-love.

 next workshop:

22.6. - 7.7.2021

7.00 - 7.45 pm (CET)

Image by Conscious Design

Soul investment: 120 € 

that's 8 euros

a day


Access to private online



Access to private online


where I share videos, worksheets and many more.


live online classes

15 days of live classes and meditations.

Grüne und lila Sukkulenten


group calls and access to a community of chakra activators.

Your guide


fia sonora

"My heart is my guru."

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