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Be part of a soulful pilgrimage to the sacred sites of the Kathmandu valley, where we will share daily Yoga practices and meditations and participate in sacred rituals.

Together we'll stay in one of Kathmandu's most beautiful places, explore the religious center of the old capital and take part in religious ceremonies.

Our journey will lead us to Pokhara, where we'll immerse into the spiritual qualities of the Himalayas.

Together with our lovely guide, we will hike in the stunning nature of this amazing country, visit Buddhist monasteries and experience traditional ways of life in the

Himalayan region.

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8.11. - 18.11.2024



Day 1 :


Arrival & gathering in Kathmandu.

Day 2 :


Opening circle & visit to Paṣupatināth Temple. Sunset tour to Bauddhanāth Stupa.


Day 3 :


Morning meditation & Yoga practice. Tour to Kopan Monastery: Tibetan traditions & Buddhist ceremony. Full moon invocation ritual.

Day 4 :


Visit to Swayambhūnāth Temple & Dharma talk. Sunset meditation & Yoga practice.

❈ Day 5 :


Morning meditation & Yoga practice. Visit to Bhaktapur. Hindu traditions & rituals.


Day 6 :


Arrival in Pokhara & small hike to Shanti Stupa. Sunset peace meditations & mantra chanting circle.

Day 7 :


Morning prayers & meditation. Hike to Bindhya Basini Temple. Evening Yoga practice & sharing circle.

Day 8 :


Jangchub Choeling Tibetan Monastery. Buddhist meditation practice. Evening Yoga  practice.

Day 9 :


Matepani Gumba. Sacred Pūjā & Yoga practice. Sunset mantra chanting circle.

Day 10 :


Morning prayers & Yoga practice. Barahi Temple and Durga invocation ritual. Sunset prāṇāyāma & kriyās.

Day 11 :


Return to Kathmandu & closing ceremony.

Image by Chandan Chaurasia

"Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth." (rumi)

nepal yatra program


Soul Pilgrimage investment: 

€ 2300 (shared room)  

€ 2800 (single occup.) January - April 2023

€ 2900 (shared room)

€ 3500 (single occup.)

May - September 2024

Your retreat-Guide


"Why do you stay in prison,

when the door is so wide open?" (Rumi)
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