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connect from here to there

10 Days live online meditation

€ 70  
that's 7 euros a day!

yatra tatra meditation

Connect to Spirit wherever you are

Join us for a 10-days meditation practice to lighten up your spirit and dive deep into your inner self-exploration and transformation.

Let's smooth down the day together by connecting to the light and empowering our spirits to roar through the silence.

This workshop is dedicated to all people who have difficulties in calming their minds after a busy day.


I'm going to share effective techniques on how to turn off the voice in your head


making space for your Higher self to evolve.


Let's practice together, learn how to meditate


and prepare our minds for a deep and restful sleep.

This online workshop includes:


❈ Opening & closing circle à 40 mins. (21.5. & 30.5.)

❈ 10 Days of live meditation practice (8.00 pm - 8.20 pm)

❈ Access to a private online platform, where I will share audio & video recordings, techniques and many more

❈ Access to a community of meditating people

❈ Exchange forum to discuss goals & challenges


 next workshop:

21.5. - 30.5.2021

8.00 - 8.20 pm (CET)

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Soul investment: 70 € 

that's 7 euros

a day


Access to private online



Access to private online


where I share meditations, 

 recordings and many more.

Meditation Klasse

Live online meditation

for 10 days from

8.00 pm - 8.20 pm

Yoga Group


1 opening circle à 40 mins. (21.5.2021 at 8.00 pm)


1 closing circle à 40 mins.

(30.5.2021 at 8.00 pm)

Your guide


Sofie fia sonora

"My heart is my guru."

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